Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Moving In

Today was moving in day for my dress shop adventure. The room I'll be using as my studio has been used as a storage space so we needed to clear a lot of stuff out. We had to leave some things for now though because not everything has somewhere to go but we'll eventually sort the rest of it out.

We had to give it a serious clean as it was pretty dusty but it looks good now. Here's a pic from before:

That's an industrial steam iron in the foreground! So excited to be using that! They do such a better job than a regular iron. You can also see the front door of the shop which we won't be using unless we decide to open up the entire shop as its own seperate business apart from the suit hire shop.

And here's how the studio looks now that I've moved all my equipment in:

I'm so excited to have this new space. I should be getting a lot more work now that I have a proper base for my business.

Fingers crossed for the future and keep checking in for more updates on my dress shop!

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