Friday, 20 July 2012

Shop Window: Colourful Summer

Our current shop window is quite small and on the wrong side of the shop but its all we have to work with at the moment. We'll be getting a visit from our window-man on Tuesday 24th July where we'll discuss the changes to the window at the front of the shop where my studio is. Its a much bigger window and we're planning on hanging a curtain behind the mannequins so it'll look much classier and should bring a few more people in!

I recently re-dressed the current window and decided to use some of our brighter and more colourful dresses hoping to bring a bit of sunshine to the display - with the awful weather we've been having this summer I thought it would be cheery and maybe catch the eyes of some passers-by.

What do you think of the new window and our dresses? Let me know!

For more information about the dresses we sell and other services we offer just visit our website: Dresses@Dickies.

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