Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tip: How to Get Blood Out

If you've ever made a garment then you are probably familiar with the ever present threat of the pin. They seek out your fingers turning them into faucets of streaming blood. Ok so thats an exaggeration but it does hurt and a spot of blood on a garment can really ruin it.

I'm currently making a little white dress for a girl and when its done she is going to look adorable! While pinning in the zip I accidentally forced the pin too hard and it went straight through into my finger. Next thing you know there's a big red splodge on my little white dress.

But there's no reason to panic if you deal with it straight away. There's no need to try stain removers or soapy water, all you need is your own saliva.

Apparently there's something in your saliva that helps to dissolve your own blood! I don't know the science, all I know is that it really works!

  1. Take some cotton thread and cut a length off.
  2. Scrunch the thread up a bit, put it in your mouth and chew it around a little.
  3. Now retrieve your newly salivated bundle of thread and dab it on the stain.
  4. Keep dabbing until the blood has disappeared.
You may find that it leaves a slightly yellow mark but you should be able to get that out by getting a new piece of thread and dabbing again. It is also really important than you try to get rid of the stain the moment it happens otherwise it will dry up and you won't be able to get it out with this method.

Give it a try the next time your fingers feel the wrath of the pin and don't panic, your garment can be saved!

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