Thursday, 28 February 2013

On the Red Carpet at the Oscars 2013

We all know why we really watch the Oscars - for the dresses! For all the glamourous ones AND the "what were you thinking" ones! I love all the dresses, and as I work with them everyday I like to have a look at what the high-end designers are offering. Its inspiring and its always good to know whats in and whats not.

So lets have a look at my pick of the winners and losers this year!

The Winners

Oh Amy Adams! Can you do no wrong? She looks absolutely stunning in this ruffle-tastic Oscar de la Renta gown. The colour is a pale lavender which would normally wash out the skin but I think Amy shines like a star in this dress. I love the sweetheart neckline and full skirt, and the ruffles are definitely in this year.

I'm not entirely familiar with the actress but dayum she looks good in red. This is Olivia Munn in one of my favourite dress designers, Marchesa. This dress is fabulous and dramatic, I love the contrast of gold embroidery on the bodice against the deep red satin. The drape of the skirt adds structure and emphasis to her hips giving her a gorgeous curvy figure.

This Alexis Mabille gown is unlike anything I've seen before. Zoe Saldana has the perfect figure for this fishtail dress and wears it with confidence. While I'm not sure about the belt and bow, the applique flowers on the sweetheart neckline are a beautiful contrast to the sharp, gradient hem. I've never seen a dress like this before but I'd love to know where I can get one! Maybe I'll have to add it to my Dresses to Make list.

The Losers

 There is absolutely nothing flattering about this L'Wren Scott dress. Nicole Kidman looks like she was dunked in the ocean and returned as a sea witch. I do love sequin dresses and black/gold combinations are always glamourous but something went horribly wrong with this one. The spiral design on the fishtail is very distracting and I can't help but feel this dress would have been more elegant as a straighter style.

Why does Helena Bonham Carter do this to herself? She's stunning for her age and should show it more. This black and white Jessica McCormack is terribly frumpy and reminds me of those awful bridesmaid dresses from the 80s. I hate everything about this and I hope she burned it afterwards.

Which dress was your favourite this year? And which dress made you scream "My eyes! My eyes!"?

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