Thursday, 13 June 2013

Costume: Ariel for Race For Life

Hello! I'm here!

Sorry about the hiatus, work has been hell. Its still extremely busy as we've got a lot of June weddings to get through but I'm hoping things should ease up soon.

On to more fun things! Back in 2011 my friend Louise and I signed up to Race for Life and decided to dress up as Disney Princesses. It was a great success and we looked awesome. Seriously, look:

This year we've signed up again and are starting a tradition by making it a Disney occasion. I've decided to go with Ariel again this year and have chosen her mermaid outfit. It will of course be a Race-safe costume so I'm going to try my hardest not to get too caught up with accuracy and make something I'll be able to walk in.

My design for the costume was partly inspired by an old pattern I had lying around, Butterick B4731. I like how the skirt is fitted and stops at the knee with a seperate flounce section. It has a somewhat mermaid look but leaving the legs free to move.

I had some left over jade satin fabric from a work project that would be perfect for the tail and picked up some sparkle green organza for the fins/flounce. I plan to pick up a skin-coloured top and seashell bra at some point that I'll alter - I don't particularly want to have all my skin on show at a charity event so this is my compromise.

I cut off the pattern at the waist and also extended it by about 4 inches to elongate the "tail". The next step was to pin the pieces together and try it on. I pinned the skirts down the side seams and slipped it on. I then re-pinned the skirt closer to my legs to get a more fitted shape.

I then cut out the flounce and pinned it to the bottom of the skirt. It wasn't quite as flouncy as I would have liked so I've decided to change my plans and form the flounce into two fins. And thats as far as I've gotten.

Its actually really exciting to be working on a personal project. I don't remember the last time I wanted to work on someting for myself. And with being a seamstress and working all day at a sewing machine, coming home and sewing some more isn't exactly thrilling. But I'm getting back into it slowly and doing things bit by bit. Here's hoping its the start of some interesting new projects!

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