Thursday, 27 June 2013

Costume: Princess Eilonwy from Disney's The Black Cauldron

Here is another personal project I've started working on, specifically for AyaCon in August. I've always had a soft spot for Disney's forgotten princess from the highly underrated movie The Black Cauldron. I grew up with all the Disney films but this one always stood out as much more dark and eerie than the others, which is probably why it didn't do so well. That and the fact it took 10 years to make and pretty much bankrupted the animation studios.

This is the image I'm using as my colour reference.

I've always wanted to make Eilonwy's costume so I made the commitment, bought the fabric and here we go! As the movie is quite old, the colours are difficult to decide on as they can change in tone from scene to scene. Looking at her bodice I was sure it was either black or a dark navy so I picked up some velvet in navy and some red satin for the trim (some websites say that her bodice is dark violet but I've never been able to find velvet in this colour). I went for velvet as is it will be a nice contrast to the satin of her skirts and its also a very royal fabric.

For the rest of the costume I acquired the fabric from work where we had some left over pink and rose satin - perfect! The sleeves I have decided to make from crepe-back-satin but using the crepe side, this should give the sleeves some weight but take away some of the shine.Finally, her diadem will be an embroidery hoop manipulated to fit my head and covered in a black crushed velvet.

As for her "bauble", I haven't made any decisions as to how to make this as I'm not good at props and may just use a crystal ball that I already own. If anyone has any ideas as to how I could make it I would love to hear them!

I'm currently trying to decide if I shall join the skirt to the bodice to make a dress or have them seperate. I joined them all together when I made my blue Ariel dress but when I worked at Disney World all the princess costumes were seperates. If I join the bodice and skirt I'll have to have the zip in the back going all the way down from nape to hip which might not look so nice but if I make them seperate I can put the skirt on a waistband. Any advice is welcome!

I've started on the bodice and have cut out the pattern pieces in velvet. I split the centre front panel down the middle so I can sew the red trim on either side like a seam rather than appliqueing it on. I will pin the pieces together and fit the bodice to myself before sewing it together and may make some alterations to the length on a dummy.

Costume progress is slow at the moment as I continue to bring work home so I'm not sure when I'll update again but I have worked on my Race For Life costume since the last post and shall let you all know how that is going soon.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm so glad someone is making Eilonwy's dress! I'm a huge fan of the books, and find it sad how forgotten she is. I'm trying to collect tutorials for all of the Disney character dresses, and was wondering if there was a particular pattern you were using. You can find the rest of my collection at Thanks, and good luck!

    1. Hello! There isn't a particular pattern unfortunately, I'm using my own knowledge of patterns to create this dress. However, any basic dress pattern that is similar in style would work perfectly but you would have to alter and mix and match a pattern or two to get the right sleeves and shape.

      Thanks x