Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Costume: Ariel RFL Update

When we left off last time I had pinned the skirt together and fitted it to my size. The next step was to chalk in the new sewing lines and remove the pins. The only pins I kept in were for the darts as these were the going to be the first part of the skirt I would start sewing. I then sewed the rest of the tail together making sure to try it on again and make sure it was still fitting nicely.

Next up I added all the organza making sure to french seam or double turn the raw edges. I also overlocked the raw edges of the satin and then a small concealed zip was added in the back.

With the tail finished I turned my attention to the seashells. I bought a cheap seashell bra from eBay made of plastic, removed the strings and cut off the square ends to make it look more like Ariel's seashells.

Ariel's bra is purple so I coloured in the shells with Copic markers in two different shades of purple to create depth. I tested the markers on the plastic first to make sure it would dry as plastic can be notorious for not allowing paints to dry on its surface. I also bought some pruple ribbon to use as a tie rather than the string.

With the costume completed it was time for Race of Life! It was a really hot day and the route was along the seafront and back for 5k. It was a fantastic turn out and I hope we managed to raise a lot of money to fight against cancer. I also hope we made a few little girls happy to see their favourite princesses!

Oh and we both got sunburned! Ouch!

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