Friday, 30 August 2013

Costume: Princess Eilonwy Update and Photoshoot

I finished my Princess Eilonwy costume just in time for Ayacon with only hours to go! Unfortunately, leaving it until the last minute (and concentrating too much on Tiny Tina) meant I wasn't able to make this as perfect as I wanted.


This is made of navy velvet with a red satin trim. I drafted the pattern myself and had to make quite a few adjustments as I wasn't quite happy with the neckline. I bought a closed ended zip as I had intended to make this in a different way than I did and actually needed an open ended zip. I just used the one I had meaning I had to put the bodice on over my head. This meant I couldn't make it as fitted as I'd like. Before I rewear this I will definately be putting in a new zip and tightening the fit. You can see how loose it is in the photos.

The sleeves are made of crepe-back-satin sewn on the reverse side (so its not shiny!). I'm really unhappy with these as they turned out too short (the sleeves don't reach the wrist in the references but my sleeves were even shorter) and the cuffs therefore ended up too tight. These will definately be remade probably with a different fabric too as the crepe-back-satin doesn't "flow" enough.


Once again I drafted the skirt from scratch as its a simple A-line shape. The fabric is duchess satin in a dusky pink and a pale pink. I originally lined the skirt in a poly satin, unfortunately the fabric was warped and didn't work so I ended up buying regular dress lining which worked fine (the day before Ayacon!). I had to line the skirt because I needed the weight and didn't want the skirt to be too floaty. There is a small zip in the side but I didn't have time to put on a waistband (can't believe I didn't make time to do this) so I just overlocked the edge. This will definately be done for the next time I wear this as the skirt didn't sit in the right place on my waist without the band.

Diadem & Wig

I really wasn't sure how I was going to make this. I went through some ideas in my mind but was never happy. On a trip to the fabric shop I was looking around at all the bits and bobs and spotted an embroidery hoop. Lightbulb! I found a size that would fit arund my head comfortably and bought some gorgeous black velvet to cover it with. This was done by pinning the strip of fabric around the hoop and then sewing it together in a long tube shape. I cut a split into the hoop to allow me to slide the fabric on. I then glued the split closed and stitched the ends of the fabric over it. This was then sewn to the wig so it wouldn't move. The wig is from Wig Fashion on eBay, I didn't have to do much to it thankfully; all I did was cut a bit of a fringe in.

The following photos were shot by Redkun. Reference images for this costume are available here if you'd like to make this dress yourself.


  1. Dear Carrie,

    Congrats! Your new, 2-piece Princess Eilonwy dress looks pretty! I've always loved the 2-toned color scheme of Eilonwy's skirt, as it always reminded me of a strawberry checkerboard wafer cookie.

    I've never engaged in any cosplay activities, but, then again, I don't really sew for myself anymore. I WAS a 4-H seamstress...years ago, and I'm hoping to sew for fashion dolls soon, 'cause I'm a total Barbie and Disney doll enthusiast.

    I'm guessing that you're in your teens or 20s. Well, I'm almost 35, and even though I've loved all things Disney for literally years, I didn't actually see "The Black Cauldron" during 1985; I first learned about the Disney movie when I was in college. I devoured The Book of Three, and I even used a scene from it for a math logic class assignment.

    During 1998, I had to have my Wisdom Teeth removed, and that movie literally got me through the entire ordeal. That year, I got the VHS of the movie, and a beanbag or two from The Disney Store...AND a cardboard video ad standee from the video store; the standee is still in the bad condition, but I'd still like to display the standee someday.

    I'm hoping that I can successfully make a mini version of Eilonwy's dress...which might fit the 1984 Great Shape Skipper doll that I hope to someday get from eBay. She was the closest thing to a Princess Eilonwy Skipper doll back then.

    I only hope that the future-created doll dress is able to look as movie-accurate as your dress looks. Your photos really capture Princess Eilonwy's independent spirit.

    Well, I wish you luck, with regards to your future sewing projects.

    Eponine Thenardier

  2. That is soo pretty! do you sell your dresses?