Thursday, 22 August 2013

Costume: Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2

So this is probably the biggest and most detailed costume I've ever done and I can tell you that its exhausting! In the end I went through all the reference images and screenshots and made a list of every single little detail and then ticked them off as I did them. I'm a perfectionist so this was a nightmare costume!

Bandit Mask

The mask is made from a papier mache face mask and covered in FIMO air dry clay. I picked FIMO because its a much lighter clay than others and I didn't want to have too much weight on my head. Anywhere the clay cracked I filled it in with a bit of poly filler. The rest of the details are painted on. The straps are just plain leatherette.

Bunny Dress

The brown dress is made of cotton drill with a calico interfacing in the skirt to make it stand out. The edges were cut to make them look ripped and then burnt with a stove for that extra realistic touch! The pink trim is bias binding that I re-ironed into a smaller size.

The apron is pink polyester with two layers of felt in white and pink to create the bunny. It was appliqued on by machine with the black details done in the same way. Its basically a really tight zig zag stitch.

The white vest is cotton with black lines stitched vertically and then black markered over again for that cell-shaded look!

The little orange bit at the top is just a bit of polyester folded in a bandana shape and tucked in there.

Bandit Trousers

These are made of orange polyester with brown leatherette sections down the side. I cut and burnt the one leg and then added a brown cotton turn up to the other. They have an elasticated waistband as I didn't think a zip would like right.


This was pale grey poly cotton (and dirtied up a lot too!) with four brown leatherette straps. Two are large with buckles, one has a silver craft foam fastening and the top one has a small section of black elastic which was used to hold the sleeve up. There are two seams in the sleeve as I wanted to make sure it stuck out in the right shape at the top and bottom.


Annoyingly I now have two odd shoes at home and nothing to do with them! The sneaker was a red converse-style shoe that I covered sections of in green polyester and painted the rest in orange. The white section at the front is pieces of white craft foam cut to shape. The Mary Jane was a plain black shoe with an elasticated strap which I added the buckle too and then painted the silver tip on.

Bags and Pouches

Making the bags was the scariest part as you really have to sit and think about the shape and pattern before diving in! The bags are made of polyester or cotton and backed with canvas to make them sturdy. There are various bits of leatherette, zips, magnetic clasps and loops too. All 3 bags are usable. I stuffed some wadding in them to make them stand out better.


Probably my favourite prop ever! This was made from old tin foil tubes cut to length, covered in red and yellow paper and then dirtied up. I found the clock in a bargain shop and chopped it down a bit as it was too thick. The wire is not actually wire but the sheathing that normally goes around it! Much safer! The clock can still be used as the battery section is still there :)


The watch was one found on ebay, I hated the clock face on it though so I covered that over. The bunny is made from Fimo and painted.

The badge was also made from Fimo and painted because I couldn't find a blank badge in the right size so I just made my own. I painted some clear nail varnish over the top of it to try and add some shine. Then just glued a brooch back on!

The socks are from ebay (again I have two odd socks at home now!) I cut and burned the white one and just marker penned the second one. I did try to find a pink ribbed sock but they were all £30+ for some reason! May still keep an eye out though.

One of the hardest things to find was the white plasters! You'd be surprised just how difficult it is to buy white ones! They're all clear or skin coloured or blue! Thankfully I found mine on ebay and have LOADS of them.

The scissors and the combat knife are made from a combination of foam board, clay and poly filler. Sanded and painted and glued together where necessary.


The wig is from Coscraft and was trimmed down to the right length. I used Shockwaves gel in no.5 steel strength to add a bit of definition but only at the tips.

OK! I think I covered everything! This has been some of the hardest work I've done as I'm a seamstress not a propmaker! But its also been so much fun :D I love Tina as a character and I'm so happy I was able to bring her to life. She also won me my first ever competition award! So a big thank you is in order to Gearbox for creating her!

Pics from the photoshoot with my fellow Mordecai and Mad Moxxi will be coming soon! You can find the references I used for this costume here.


  1. How in the world did you make the backpack with all the side pockets? Any guidelines for a beginning sewist?

  2. Would you be willing to do a commission of this?

  3. Would you be willing to do a commission of this?