Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: EOS Dolly Eye Blue Circle Lens

I purchased these circle lenses to wear with my Tiny Tina cosplay and for any other characters I do with blue eyes. I previously had the Geo Angel Blue lenses and loved how big and natural they looked but for the purposes of cosplay I wanted something brighter and bolder. I ordered the EOS Dolly Eye Blue lenses from Honey Color and they arrived in just less than two weeks.They came really well packaged and I was impressed with how quickly I recieved them.

The lenses came with a really cute animal case! It was free too!

I hadn't worn circle lenses for a while so it was a little uncomfortable putting them in but they soon settled and they're definitely the most comfortable circle lenses I've ever worn. I'm short sighted so I got these in my prescription, I could see perfectly, in fact I could see better than I usually do with my regular contacts.

I was a little disappointed that the blue wasn't as bold as I wanted, I was hoping for a strong blue that wouldn't require a camera flash to show it up. In the end though these were probably the best choice as they actually have a slightly natural look so my eyes didn't look too fake. You can see how they looked with my Tiny Tina costume here.

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