Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tutorial: How To Make An Inspiration Folder

Hoarding magazines is a bit of a problem for me. I buy them, read them and then put them in a drawer telling myself I'll go back through them and pull out anything interesting and put it in a folder. This of course never happens and I end up with magazines everywhere! I've had several "inspiration" folders or books before but I've never kept them up to date and organised.

I love the idea of keeping an inspiration book but I want to be able to take things out and move ideas around. So I settled on a folder with plastic pockets that would be divided up into different sections. I went through the hoard of magazines and ripped out everything I liked the look of ready to go in my new folder. And here's how I made it!

Things you'll need:

  • A4 ring binder.
  • Magazine clippings.
  • Various coloured card.
  • Plastic pockets/wallets.
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors.
  • Pen.
The first thing you'll need to get is a cute folder to put all your ideas in. I'm currently obsessed with the woodland themed stationery from Wilkinsons (mostly because it features the cutest fox!) so I picked up their binder.

  1. Take your folder, a plastic pocket and a sheet of A4 card. Slide the card into the pocket and pop this in the folder.

  2. Now take your other pieces of coloured card and write on them the different sections you want in your folder. I chose colours that worked with the colours of the folder to keep with the theme and decided on just three sections: Sewing, Style and Life.

  3. Cut the names out leaving the piece slightly longer at the bottom beneath the writing. You can cut these out in whatever shapes you like, I cut mine out square and then rounded off the edges.

  4. Take your first piece and glue it down onto the top of the plastic pocket right at the top. The reason we're using a glue stick instead of something stronger is so that we can change these tabs later if we want to. Its much easier to peel them off! You'll also want to make sure that the name on the tab sits past the edge of the divider, you want to be able to see it once you have all your clippings in the folder!

  5. Use this same technique again for all the other dividers you want in your folder, moving the tab down each time so they don't overlap eachother. I simply put one at the top on the first divider, one in the middle of the second divider and then one on the bottom of the third divider.

  6. Now fill your folder with all those magazine clippings and ideas!

And you're done!

What did you think of this tutorial? Show me your inspiration folders/books!

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