Friday, 4 October 2013

Tip: How to Finish Ribbon Ends

So let say you're working with a nice piece of ribbon, you've trimmed off the edge and now you want to finish it so that it doesn't fray. Well I've got two methods for you!

Method #1 Melting the Edge

This method is best used on straight or diagonal edges.

  1. Trim down the edge of the ribbon.

  2. Take a lighter and run the flame along the edge.

  3. Don't envelop the ribbon in the flame, you want to gently touch the edge so it melts from the heat (you're not burning it!).

Method #2: Clear Varnish

This method is great if you have shaped the edge of your ribbon as melting the edge can change the shape.
  1.  Cut the edge of the ribbon in the desired shape.

  2. Get a bottle of clear nail varnish, I use Barry M in Clear 54.

  3. Gently coat the raw edge of the ribbon in the varnish and leave to dry. 
I hope you found these tips helpful! Happy sewing!

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